Matthew Taecker AIA AICP, Principal

For nearly three decades, Taecker has been a leader in promoting transit-oriented development and pedestrian-friendly places.  Taecker integrates essential ingredients for successful projects: urban design, policy/code development, and stakeholder engagement.   Matt is founder of Corridor Planning, with Chris and Shishir Malthur, which focuses on transportation / land use integration.  Early in his career and as a Principal at Calthorpe Associates, he co-authored and illustrated the nation’s earliest TOD guidelines.  Taecker has a unique expertise associated with high-density mixed-use urban centers, and developed Berkeley’s award-winning Downtown Area Plan with implementing projects.  Taecker is co-chair of California Planning Roundtable‘s committee on overcoming obstacles to infill development and his on-line journal on city centers can be read at  Taecker is a licensed California architect, with degrees from UC Berkeley (Master Architecture & Master City Planning) and University of Chicago (Bachelor of Arts in policy and economics).

Taecker CV

Christopher Ferrell, Ph.D., Consulting Associate

Chris is founder of Corridor Planning, with Matt Taecker and Shishir Malthur.  Corridor Planning continues Chris’ professional focus on transportation / land use integration, for which his former firm, CFA Consultants, was known.  Chris  received his doctorate in City & Regional Planning at UC Berkeley.  He began his professional career as a planner for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). In 2010, he started CFA Consultants, which focused on transportation / land use integration research and planning. He has published papers on multimodal transit & freeway corridors, practices for successful transit-oriented development, effects of transit-oriented development on surrounding property values, and methods, metrics and strategies for evaluating and advancing transit corridor livability.

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Debra R. Sanderson, Consulting Associate

For over thirty years, Debra Sanderson has directed complex planning initiatives, development approvals, and environmental programs.  Most recently, she has played a pivotal role with gaining entitlements a 16-story hotel in downtown Berkeley.  She is former Planning Manager for the City of Berkeley, where she oversaw the project review process, worked with commissions, and revised Berkeley’s zoning code.  Sanderson also brings extensive experience with environmental review of urban and industrial projects, and is the former Director of Environmental Policy and Management for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Jessica Tong, Urban Designer

Jessica Tong has assisted Taecker Planning & Design in the development of major projects, including the revitalization plan for downtown Marysville, the public realm plan for Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, circulation & urban design for Fairfax California, and street design and planning documents for a high-rise hotel in downtown Berkeley.  Tong is also a construction artisan, who has advanced alternative cob building construction.  She received her Bachelor of Environmental Design degree from the University of British Columbia.